“You Look Good”

“You look good.”

My father was 90 years old and no longer the strong father image of my youth. The years and the miles had taken its toll. He was sitting in his favorite chair when his most recent well wisher left after a short visit. Dad no longer had the strength to get up when the guest departed. After the front door shut he looked at me with his memorable crooked smile and said, “Gregg, you need to start worrying about your health and how you look when the first thing a visitor says to you is “You look good! 

“What they mean to say is, “You look good…for your age”, or worse, “You look (a heck of a lot better than I thought you would look considering what you have been through).”

I am not sure at what age I should start worrying about the “you look good” comment, but I can tell you that “good looks” comments, like “good business” comments, are relative. When people ask me, “How’s business?” I try to listen carefully before I answer. I try to determine if they really want to know.  Some people ask because they want to tell you about how THEIR business is doing. Some ask just to be polite. Some really want to know and some don’t have the frame of reference that I may have.  Compared to how hard and long I fell,  I look pretty good today. 

“You look pretty good today….considering”:

The long and precipitous drop in the real estate market and the rest of the economy started in August of 2005. (For a summary of what’s going on in today’s real estate you may want to read my April 29 column here. For what my view was in August 2006 about what caused the fall, click The Snowflake that Caused the Avalanche) (I am much better at looking back than I am looking forward, but then aren’t we all?) In fact I was still an optimist in July, 2008 – but by then knew enough to point the fingers at the banks too.

But I always was and always will be an Optimist – There is no other way to be.

I was recently interviewed for a series of TV interviews and I have linked to them here. I talk about real estate in general and downtown Fort Myers specifically. It was a Saturday morning a few months ago and filmed in our downtown office. Fair warning….I am in shorts.

The real estate market?  It looks good. (Fill in the tag line here. I like – “and it’s going to continue to get better”.

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