You can’t steer unless you are moving.

You can’t steer unless you are moving.

On this Memorial Day Weekend 2013, I again spend the first few hours of my Sunday in my den, two dogs loyally waiting by my chair for me to finish my weekly column.  They know well that when I do finish we shall take a walk around Fort Myers County Club golf course together.   I generally arrive in my den on Sundays after reading the paper and scanning the on line news articles.

Nine times out of ten I select my topic during the week before I walk into my den, pulling from some new insight or perspective on the life that unwittingly presented itself, not knowing I would grab it and talk about it to you. Other times I read for an hour or more in the den looking for inspiration.  This morning’s topic is a favorite of mine and earlier this week I spoke about it twice. Once during an interview with a new real estate agent and once during a series of online videos I recorded (not posted yet ) for our new commercial real estate web site

In Real Estate (and in life) – You Can’t Steer Unless You are Moving.

In Northern Valley Regional High School one of the gym teachers was also a driver’s education teacher. I do remember a few lessons from those 30 minute drives around Old Tappan, NJ with three other students in the car.

Back then driving around while the rest of the world was in school was cool all by itself, my eager anticipation of getting my driver license and my first car did not keep me from learning.  I remember the teacher telling me to NEVER turn the steering wheel unless the car is moving. First, it was harder to turn the steering wheel when the car was at a standstill,  (power steering was a rare option) and secondly, doing  so would wear out rubber on the tires more quickly. What he never really said was that you can’t really steer anyway unless you are moving, you can only turn the wheel.

Many people figuratively turn the wheel back and forth without actually going anywhere.

“What IF I went that way?”, “What IF I bought a home now?”, What IF I buy my retirement house now?” “What IF I started investing in real estate?” Then they get out of the car in the same place they started.

It has always been my practice to take a few steps on a path before I can determine if the path is the one I want to follow. I have never suffered from classic “analysis paralysis” although I see it all the time in agents and clients alike.  There are many steps you can take up a path that are not commitments. It’s not like jumping off a cliff. Sometimes I travel two paths at once, waiting for one of them to rise to the front and stand out as the high road.

What is the best path for you regarding real estate?  I don’t know, and you may not either, but until you start down a path, you will not know if you have chosen right.

I received many responses to my column last week.  In it I stated that I would be buying more real estate this summer.  Most responses were positive, a few said some version of “Good Luck Gregg, but not me.”

The current climate in Real Estate in South Florida is, in a word, HOT. No, not like 2005 when it was over heated, but we are seeing a steady depletion of inventory, increases in prices, and improvement in confidence.

You all know the reasons: Cheap money, increase in Baby Boomer retirees,  economic growth and confidence; I have been talking about it for months. Guys like me can talk about it, but unless the market is really moving, it’s all just talk. Until buyers lose out a  few offers because they still think it is a buyers market, until they see Lennars new home prices up $26,000 over last year, same house, it’s all just talk.

Until they have their agent do a search for a home in their price range and geography and only find 3 available versus 15 a year ago, it’s all just talk.

If we can help your steer instead just turning the wheel, let me know. We are here to help and we are experts in South Florida Real Estate.

By the way, Gail and I went by boat to Upper Captiva and spent the day on the beach yesterday.  Just one more reason to live here in South Florida.

As my brothers says, “People pay to be doing what we are doing, and we get to do it every day!”

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