What should you buy in Florida?

I don’t want to tell you what YOU should buy, but I can tell you what I see the most demand for: Three bedroom, two and a half bath single family home, with a pool. And it should be new, or almost new – say from 2012. And it should be under $250,000. But do you know how many you would have to choose from here in Lee County, Florida?

There are, are you ready? None available. Bump the criteria to $275,000 maximum price ? There are only two available. (The average price is over $390,000 for homes that meet these criteria).

Here is the wake up call folks, prices are going up, the escalator is moving at an increased speed.

There are options for those that want to get on this escalator: pay more or buy older, buy less or go condo instead of single family home. You could also buy a home without a pool and then add one.

Here are some things to consider.

Buy older and fix up. Be careful, however, and look closely at elevations, ceiling heights, roof condition, and insurance costs. We can help you here. ( Flood insurance should be a major consideration)
Build. I can still get you a new home with a pool under $275,000 in some areas. It will take some patience (four to six months) and a good marital relationship.
Get out of town. There are some wonderful areas that are not as popular that are bargains.
Go twin luxury villa ( we used to call them duplexes – gotta love marketing)
Consider a condo – in the condo you share the pool and other e amenities
Buy with some partners.
Buy the land now, build later.
Let me know if I can help you.

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