The Slade at Channelside, Bulk Sale Exit Strategy

The Slade at Channelside

The Slade at Channelside in Tampa, Florida is currently being offered for sale as a fractured condo project , in bulk. We are not currently a part of the sale but have developed an exit strategy for potential acquisitors. The Slade currently consists of 294 premium condominiums (Apartments) out of a which 277 are available and ready to put into a marketing and sales campaign or an exit strategy). The Slade at Channelside consists or two eight-story towers plus an additional 12,229 square feet of ground level retail. Ranging from in square footage from 780 to 1500, the one, two and three bedroom condominium units are ideally appointed for Market America Realty Group’s foreign national buyers in Canada, Austral-asia, and Eastern Europe. Built in 2009, The Slade has a luxury amenity package, high quality fixtures, desirable neighborhood and access to a plethora of retail, dining, and entertainment options. All condominiums are ready for occupancy.

Market America Realty Group has developed a detailed exit strategy for the project involving a multi-faceted approach to market The Slade at Channelside. We will manage all aspects of the sell-out from rebranding and re-launch to final sell out and rental management.

Market America Realty and Investments uses the latest in networked and web based technology. All members of our team have access to project and property data though the use of VPNs, shared drives, and networked systems. Our company based CRM effectively keep us in touch with our client base and keeps projects on track. This enables timely and accurate report to our clients.

In order to successfully sell this project, the selling agency must not only have intimate knowledge of the project, but also of onsite condo sales and management, international sales, and be able to bring in the best experts in accelerated and international sales seminars. Indeed, Market America Realty has already successfully launched other condo projects in this manner.

Our marketing approach will include traditional onsite sales, and internet venues, but will also include highly orchestrated foreign sales seminars.

Being on the inside track is our middle name; Realtors call us for information on new and pre-construction properties. Hedge funds come to us to do their due diligence on large scale acquisitions. In our markets we are immersed in the market data. In today’s market there are many opportunities to acquire failed and stalled projects. We have the expertise to:

* Define objectives and Goals
* Identify, Acquire and entitle land
* Define product
* Coordinate architects, engineers, and contractors
* Manage project from concept to finance to sell out

Rework Developments
Fous and his team sell and consult on acquisition and disposition of troubled assets. We believe that the exit strategy is more important the acquisition strategy. To accomplish this we can provide:
* Full market analysis
* Repositioning studies
* Absorption Studies
* International Sales Seminars
* Presentation of Auction and bulks sales exits
* Set up and train sales team
* Prepare an advertising budget and plan
* Prepare financial statements and cash flow analysis
* Make presentation to investor groups

Sales of Stalled Projects
We are THE experts SELLING stalled projects, entitled land and half built projects. We understand the complications and challenges such as soon to expire D.O.s, and dashed dreams of would be developers. We can determine the highest and best use and lay out a logical exit strategy for potential buyers. We can do this because we understand developments. We coordinate engineering, architects, land use experts, and marketing.

We have experience in:

* Waterfront high density sites / Entitled land
* Condo Conversions
* Apartment Reversions
* Sell out of finished projects
* Vacant Bank Buildings
* Industrial lease outs
* Dark Retail
* Bulk sales of building lots, homes, condos, and land parcels.

Accelerated Marketing
Sometime the most attractive strategy is a quick one. We combine the expertise of international and national road show teams, auctioneers, and new on site sales teams to quickly move inventory to recoup cash for our investors. It is not enough to just slash prices; we need to build a plan tailored to the owner’s needs and the local market.

Asset Management and REO Services
Market America Realty and Investments offers full service REO services and representation and sales from securing and managing the asset to the successful closed sale. We:

* handle every aspect of the project from BPO and to sale with expertise and knowledge of the markets.

* have all the support in place to get the job done efficiently within a timeline and with a detailed tracking system that maximizes our capabilities and provides total accountability.

* We can perform:
* Buyers’ Financial Evaluation to Deliver Qualified Offers
* Broker Price Opinions (BPO’s) – 48 Hour Turnaround
* Valuation Expertise Above and Beyond CMA Evaluations
* REO Property Inspections
* Trashouts, Cash for Keys
* Exterior and Interior Construction Rehabilitations
* Property Enhancement
* Property Management
* Bid Estimates
* Site Assessment, Vacancy Status and Eviction Coordination
* Securing Property and Re-Keying
* Multi-Level Public & Broker Marketing Program
* Auctions
* Escrow Management, Transaction Coordination, Bookkeeper and Notary
* Computerized Documentation and Communication System
* Timely Monthly Market Updates
* Graphic Design

For information on this project or to have us develop yor bulk condo exit strategy: Call Gregg Fous, Founder, at 800.439.1580 x 52 or email at

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