REO to Rental Program

Market America Realty and Investment Group is uniquely positioned to capitalize on the trend for Private Equity Funds entrance into the rent and hold real estate strategy as the Obama administration and federal regulators work on a program to sell government-owned foreclosures in bulk to investors. Investors aren’t wasting any time stockpiling cash and buying foreclosed properties at auction and from the major banks using companies like Market America Real Estate and Investments, Inc. a leader in the Florida market.


The team at Market America Realty and Investments have extensive experience in acquiring, renovating, flipping and managing real estate and have successfully been doing this for over three years in their target markets. The current climate of the rapid flipping of properties and the increased competition for the flip opportunities coupled with the attractive rental market has led the company to develop more of a buy and hold strategy rather than a rapid flip strategy;  hence the need for additional funds. The company is uniquely qualified to execute the rent and hold strategy because of:


·         Experience. This process is not new to them and they have a history of success

·         Vertical Integration within their existing organization

o   REO Expertise

o   Courthouse Acquisitions of Foreclosed Property

o   Asset Management

o   Renovation  Division

o   Retail Sales and Marketing

o   Rental Department

o   Property Management

o   Title and Abstract work in house.

·         Reputation

o   Ten year successful history

o   Financial strength

o   Strong Brand recognition in target market


For further information contact Gregg Fous –

800-439-1580 ext 52

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