Real Estate 3.0, A new Perspective..

Picture this: Jack is sitting at his kitchen table at home, surfing through web pages. He sees a property he likes and makes an inquiry on line. Within 90 seconds of Jack getting on the website, Jack gets a call from one of our clients services coordinators, Megan. After a short introduction, Megan asks Jack if he and his wife would like to participate in our Best Homes Virtual Tour Pilot Program.

“What is it?” Jack wants to know.

“Todays Best Homes has developed a program that will deliver to you, via your computer, a virtual tour of the community you are thinking of moving to,” offers Megan. The video will be custom designed just for you and your wife, Jack, and will based on a short questionnaire you will fill out about your wants, needs, and personality. The video will begin with an over view of the community; things like shopping, cultural attractions, recreation, transportation , and then get more specific by drilling into things you have told us you are interested in. The video will use a combination of Google Earth Pro, proprietary drone videos, pre-prepared videos about the community and will then let you take virtual tours of actual individual homes that meet your needs. These tours are unique in the feel they can give you for the house. They are just a bunch of pictures in a slide show, but an actual walk through tour of the house. The tour will include street views of the neighbor hoods, and actual inside video tours of houses that may be of interest to you. Where are your from Jack?” asks, Julie.

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