Pieces of Good News We Can be Happy About

mortgage rates nov2013  Pieces of Good News We Can be Happy About



 Interest Rates are low.

While rates have climbed above 4%, money is still cheap

Payments on a $300,000. 30 year note are just over $1500/month.  (Figure your own payment here)



Credit is Loosening

    mortgage credit loosening




National builders are offering very attractive prices.

New homes from $125 per square foot

Come with excellent warranties


Houses are better built

Lower maintenance costs

Lower energy consumption



Technology aids intelligent shopping

Map Searches

Advanced Searches


Improving your home makes sense again

Rising prices are encouraging homeowners to improve

Improve versus replace mentality takes hold


Florida is about the only warm place in the U.S. Today

Us Temperature map



Snowbirds are back in droves.

Flagrant Frugality is in vogue

Real Estate investing “works” again

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