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Passion, Inspiration, and Real Estate?

It’s a bone chilling 47 degrees in Florida today. Are you kidding me? There are folks walking around in Tee Shirts when the temperature gets to 47 degrees in Chicago. No matter. Florida is supposed to be warm and sunny.  And most times it is.  But here I sit with a sweat shirt and hat on at my computer. Later on I will take our Jack Russell to the dog park and I will  probably  be dressed like a chilled Floridian.

Today,  I would  like to resend a letter I sent late last year. I’ve edited it a bit and I’ve  added links to the books I mention at the bottom

I do like to read books, and I season my reading every month or so with inspirational and self-help books.

My favorite books are long epics that I can get lost in. I’m an escapist reader:  Michener, Irving,  King; but occasionally I like to read books about people, especially successful people.

The first book I remember reading as kid was The Day they shook the Plum Tree about Hetty Green, the supposed plum treewitch of Wall Street (and they didn’t mean witch is a good way). From there I read books about Rockefeller, the Railroad Barrons, and eventually about real estate.  I don’t know how I developed a passion for real estate, but I was 21 when I took my first course from Al Lowry and ever since then I have had a passion for and been inspired by dealing in real estate.

I saw a video a few weeks that inspired me.  I have posted it on our website How to Inspire Leadership. The video is 18 minutes but worth the time. It was a presentation given by Simon Sinek, an author and a member of the Rand Corporation.

After watching the video I bought his book, Start with Why.  The video in the link above is basically a short highlight of the book. (Link to the book below)

You know how we think other people are smart because they say something that we agree with?  Well, I think Sinek is smart.  Sinek’s premise is that we follow, buy from, work for, and respect people that inspire us.  I would like to add that I am inspired by people with passion.

Inspiration trumps money.

Inspired people are loyal, will work longer hours, will travel farther to buy, and will wait in line over night for new releases of products (Hello Apple).   People who inspire have passion; and a passion that is shared l and communicated well will inspire.

Sinek’s book brings home, in a very clear manner, how employees and customers are motivated by inspirational people, people who understand the WHY of what they do and are able to communicate that to others.  Martin Luther king had a dream. Romney had a 5 point plan. King became an historical Icon, Romney will become a foot note in history.  People are inspired by dreams and passion, not plans.

My associates and friends will often see me with a small crooked smile of recognition and pleasure when I am in a meeting (Thanks Dad of that crooked smile).

It happens at the moment my passion is piqued, my beliefs are validated, and when I become excited about a real estate deal, a proposition, a new client, a new project, or someone else’s passion.  I have called myself an immersion investor  in the past; I could not be immersed without passion, and I cannot inspire without it either. (By the way, I wore that smile watching the video above).

In his book, Sinek asks that I identify my and my company’s beliefs: the “WHY” of our company. The “WHY” tells more about WHY someone would buy real estate from us or invest in property with us or indeed work for us rather than someone else.

Market America Realty and Investment Group attracts agents and clients that have a passion for real estate and appreciate the full involvement (immersion) that our team has and our ability to capitalize on the strengths of our individuals who work as a team to serve needs and solve problems.

We are fanatical about technology and the free flow of information and the sharing of success. Our company’s culture is one of hard work coupled with persistence and hard play. We believe in the future of real estate as an investment and as a shore against inflation.

We are passionate about the opportunity that this economy has for great value and future growth. We are dependent on long term relationships not short term profit.

Many of you are aware that we started an insurance agency, Dean Street Insurance. Indeed I have been immersed in this start up and I am as excited about this company as any venture I have been involved in. This is because the vision is very clear: An insurance agency focused on the needs of the real estate community run by people passionate about the business – both real estate agents and real estate owners. 

It is our vision to provide a frictionless insurance experience for everyone involved with the company – its employees, its customers, and its owners. Capitalizing on our technology, our real estate knowledge, and our marketing savvy, we are making  insurance buying a pleasurable experience – people will do business with us for the same reasons they do business with Market America Realty. We made it easy to be a property owner, or the real estate agent that needs E and O insurance by combining superior knowledge with a focus on streamlining the process.

A year ago we started MA-Rentals a full service property management company. We have grown the company to manage over 300 properties. This growth is due in part, no doubt in my mind, to the transfer of the passion we have for real estate to real estate management.  We started with defining the needs of the property owners and worked backwards. We automated the information and communication process to the owner (online 24/7 sign on for reports, balances, and documentation) for example. In essence, we removed the friction from the process; friction being all of the things that in the past slowed things down and made it a pain in the neck.

Our Market America Realty office in Naples is another great example of our transfer of passion.  Key team leaders in our core business started the office with our Elite Brand.  They first identified the needs of sellers, buyers, AND agents in that market and then using our core technologies opened what is sure to be a leading office in the brand.

Lehigh Acres now has our largest office AND our youngest and arguable most energetic staff: MA Realty Network and was started in the back office of a title company subleased space and now has over 4000 square feet in a prominent location in town. This office grew in the same way as the rest company – led by team leaders with a passion for the business. They now dominate the Lehigh Acres market and are breaking all records for service and customer AND agent loyalty. Keep in mind this office was started at what many believe was the WORST time to start a new real estate business. But a passion for real estate and positive attitude prevailed. The energy in the office is infectious – success always is.

Market America Sarasota –   the office was originally built to handle only foreclosed properties  for the banks we represent. We rented a back room of subleased space.  Now Market America Sarasota is prominent on Main Street in downtown Sarasota with 8 agents and over 70 listings.  They did not get there being an “also ran”.

Folks, I love this business. I am immersed in it and have a passion for it.  Look for your passion, When you are immersed in your passion you never work a day in your life.

It’s only called work if you would rather be doing something else.



Here is a link to the books I mentioned:

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