It’s Not the Tent; It’s the Campsite vs. It’s not a Home it’s a Castle

Americans are realigning their thinking about Real Estate, the size of their homes and where they are going to live, what size house they can afford and where they can afford to buy, I see it every day.

 Many times it’s exclusively an economic decision, but I see more buyers thinking about the proverbial white picket fence, a garden and a front porch, a  vegetable garden, a dog, and a white swing rocker. More of us are looking for the feel good part of a home, not the opulence but the safety, not the size, but the quality. We are looking at the cost to own,  to cool, and to maintain. We are looking for the security of a well built home that won’t own us but one that we can come home to – in every sense of the word.

My son Christopher came by for breakfast with his son Ryker and Adi, one of my other grandsons, walked a few blocks from his home to join us for Saturday morning breakfast. We try to do this breakfast every weekend, but seem to only succeed every other week. Coffee on the back porch, dogs playing with the grandkids; catching up on family happenings.

I was updating Christopher on my trip to the Dominican Republic and my recent visit to the builders show in Orlando. I told him that Market America Realty is going to start building net zero energy homes and that we had a high interest in Eco Cottages as well as homes that are net zero energy. An Eco Cottage is a 400 to 600+ square foot home that is net zero energy and a highly efficient, albeit SMALL, home.  Strong, safe, and with no electric costs. I offered that a house like this could be put in beautiful spots like a lot on the Orange River or on mountain property in the Carolinas.  “Christopher,” I offered, “With a house like this it’s all about the campsite, not the tent. You can live where you want to live and live comfortably and safely and with very little monthly cost.”  But oh, what a tent!


This is one of many designs – and here is a typical floor plan:


And Interior shots:


The eco cottage I toured at the IBS show in Orlando will be installed as a guest cottage at a larger home. 

I am totally enthralled with the concept of a hurricane resistant, totally energy efficient home.   Im not sure I could live in such a small house – bu I would consider it for a second home on the right “campsite”!

We will be building Net Zero Energy homes in conjuntion with Greenergy in Sarassota, Englewood, and Fort Myers.

We have partnered with some lot owners on Fort Myers beach and are looking for pre construction buyers for the Capri Coastal  Model – not an eco cottage – but a Net Zero Energy Home ideally suited for the beach, about 2400 square feet of solid, feel good home, packed with energy features:


This home is being offered at starting under $575,000. (
For Features List click here)

The trend I am counting on is one that takes us away from castles and more to homes. Low cost, energy efficient homes, built to last a life time. Why would you build any other way?

Its time to look again at pre construction buying.  Land costs are low  and most of the inventory homes – if you can get one you like, are pre 2005.

Call me. Let’s build a home for a lifetime.

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