It isn’t just about housing anymore

It isn’t just about housing. 

The good news about the uptick in the housing market is that homeowners are feeling good about their homes again.   Over the past five years it was difficult for homeowners to justify putting money into a house that was not appreciating.  But a walk thought Home Depot will tell you that home improving is in vogue again.
This is good news for everyone; from paint manufacturers, to appliance stores to garden  centers. So not only are
home builders stocks on the way up, so are the stock of the home improvement sector.

The news about increase in values of homes is certainly not new to you or me, but what is new is the assessed value of homes in Lee County went up as a total number for the first time in 6 years. This is good news for the coffers of the county that have been stretched thin lately.

I am bullish on the real estate market here in South West Florida. Residential, Commercial, Medical, Retail, Senior Housing (A Big one).. I recently began a video series for our new commercial website  One of the segments I have embedded here:

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