I’m thinking of Moving to Fort Myers, where should I buy a home?

I’m thinking of Moving to Fort Myers, where should I buy a home?

Don’t you wish someone could answer this question for you? Of course the question could be about Sarasota Real estate, or Cape Coral Real Estate, or in fact where should I buy a home in Florida if I want to move? “Where is the best place for me to buy a Naples home?”

Gail and I have been looking of and on for a real estate in the cooler regions of the mountains in North Carolina. Or should it be Georgia? We’re not sure. Mike and Pam Bennett have a place in Alabama, Fred and Melissa Schaerf are in Burnsville, North Carolina, other friends are in West Virginia. Where do we look? Near friends?

My method of selling is the empathetic one. I always believe that other people that I service or sell to are similar to me; same needs, same challenges, and the same concerns. When Gail and I began looking elsewhere our experience brought me to want to improve how we at Market America Realty Group offer our services. Where, indeed, do our potential clients look in Florida, and where do they begin?

Of Course they can start by looking up each area, or town, like Punta Gorda, or Cape Coral, or Bonita Springs. Each search will bring up various links, and those links will tell the reader all the positive features about THEIR location, but little about the overall picture.

I did write an article about Retirement Possibilities in Florida but this is more about the type of living rather than WHERE. There is also a good article about the cost of building a home in Florida written by yours truly. Helpful? Sure, but not what you need to choose an area. Here is another one about What to Buy in Florida or a more general but non geographic review here.

Here is what I think you would like to see: A presentation starting with an overview – Perhaps a Google 30,000 foot view, with a running commentary about each major metropolitan area. Then a link to go further down and look at Lee County, Collier County, Sarasota, etc. And then a community by community overview. All short, sweet, and in simple terms. Talk about things like traffic, amenities, shopping, night life etc., Then I will get into price points, cost of living, and taxes. Want to know more about a community? – We’ll point you to the links.

Last year I bought a year subscription to Google Pro – but never quite got down to hiring someone to do it for us.

So, I’d like to ask your help. In the form below, put your comments, wishes and how you may be able to help. If you can write a summary of your community or neighborhood, let me know. Is there a particular question you have that others may want the answer to? Let me know. The community summaries are where you locals can help. And I don’t want just the good stuff, I want it all.

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