Does technology make your head explode?

Does technology make your head explode?

I traded in my car the other day. I never looked under the hood. I did however, test out the blue tooth connectivity and needed to determine if the system would interface with the address book on my exchange server. One sales guy asked me if navigation was important to me. I looked at him as if he had just asked me if I wanted the car with an engine or a house with a roof. Hello?

I admit I still have not quite figured out all the technology on my car. It will synchronize with six phones; it will start braking for me if I get too close to the car in front on my on the highway, and it blows cool air up my butt. The sound system has five channels and I really don’t have to touch any buttons; I can just tell it what to do. It doesn’t always listen, but it tries valiantly if not so humbly.

“Call my Wife”’ I ask my car.

“Wipers On.” She tells me boldly; as if I should have the wipers on as a prerequisite for speaking with Gail. No sweat. I’m accustomed to being misunderstood.

Trying to understand where we are going with technology makes my head ache. There is a new satellite system called Wide Area Persistent State (WASP). Click to see the video about it. WASP provides a live image from 17,000 feet and that enables big brother (and some day you) to see detail down to who is swimming in your pool, on that same link page you will see “TILE”. TILE is a device about the side of a piece Chiclets Gum that you can attach to just about anything and track its where-abouts. Hmmm – great idea for my luggage.

I had a vendor offer me the ability to make my banner ad pop up for YOU as you tour different web sites like Yahoo – even when you were shopping for a new bird feeder on Amazon. I was looking for hiking boots on Amazon a few days ago. Today I sign onto Yahoo and hiking boot ads pop up. Cool.

Now I am what’s called an early adapter of technology. I embrace the new stuff – especially if it will make me more efficient. We have been “on the cloud” and paperless at Market America Realty for over four years. Our lead system is smart and our contract management system is all web based. Market America Realty evolved into it since we have been around since 2001. Dean Street Insurance, the full line insurance agency we started a year ago, had the luxury of being able to start on the cloud and paperless. The big advantage at Dean Street is that we didn’t have to change anyone. Today there are still have Realtors carrying manila folders around with them. At Dean Street we can take an application directly on a tablet.

At Market America Realty, once we have completed a discussion and needs analysis with a buyer, we will be able to hand that buyer a tablet PC customized with home tours, a drive up feature that as he approaches a home the nearby homes on the market will pop up, complete with virtual tours, price comparisons and a direct link to a Market America agent for questions. When Mr. and Mrs. Buyer want to make an offer, the client data which was already loaded will enable with just a few clicks for the paperlesswork will be ready to be electronically signed, right on the tablet, from which it is sent to the sellers agent. We don’t have this ability now, but we will, and so will you.

I am not afraid of technology. I am ok with my Google knowing who I am so I can see ads for things I want. Many people are not okay with this and I get it. These things are happening all too fast and with too much intrusion. The challenge is what happens when that data gets into the wrong hands – I get that too. “They” are collecting al the data now and will figure out how to utilize it later. But for me anyway, the benefits of omnipotent intelligence out-weighs the risk of personal invasion for devious purposes.

Have a great Labor Day weekend.


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