Change? Why Change?

I’ve been told young men choose their future spouse and expect her to never change, and that young women choose their future spouse and spend the rest of the marriage trying to change him. There is some truth to that gross generalization, because when I share an anecdote about it to my friends I always get that smile of recognition.

I do know that most people resist change. We just like the status quo; “But we have always done it this way,” is a common refrain.

At a recent Market America Group sales meeting we had invited a local mortgage professional to introduce himself. Prior to the meeting he mentioned to me how much he appreciated what a tough job real estate agents have.

“After all, your business is always changing,” he lamented, “”and then you have to adapt, over and over again.”

Once the sales meeting started I recalled his comment to my team members. But while my guest meant it as a negative to be dealt with, I heralded it as the reason we can succeed.

The ever changing nature of the real estate business is exactly why I love it so much. We have to constantly change our methods and goals in response to the ever changing market. There are so many ways to make money in the real estate business you most certainly would never get bored. In fact, my friend Dennis Church and I once made a list that topped out at 100 of all the ways we knew to make a living with real estate.But adapting does take change, and most people resist change.

Today my brokerage business needs to change. What worked well in the heyday of high inventory, buyers markets, and multiple offers for low priced homes, does not work as well with escalating prices, tightening inventory, and cheap but tight money. Add the increased use of mobile devices with the corresponding lightning fast communications and the rapid emergence of the millennial consumer (now 79 million strong) and I am certain that evolution, if not revolution, of our business needs to take place.

Market America Realty Group is rolling out a new strategy on October 8th, and this roll out is the culmination of 12 months of research and planning on our part. We needed to determine how can we best respond to the needs of our agents, clients, investors, customers and business associates.

You will have to be patent a little longer to learn the specifics, I believe you all will be pleased.

During the process I came across an excellent book that I will share with you. Influencer: The New Science of Leading Change, Joseph Grenny

Grenny and his team have identified three keys to influencing change:

1. Focus and Measure.

2. Find Vital Behaviors.

3. Engage six sources of influence.

“Influencer” is not a one minute manager type of book, but a thorough, in depth review of the subject of leadership and how to influence change. I highly recommend the book.

Stand by for the announcement on our change. I hope to talk to you soon!

On another note, I have been producing more videos – here is one of the latest: Ft. Myers Real Estate Update


Thanks, Gregg Fous

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