What should you buy in Florida?

I don’t want to tell you what YOU should buy, but I can tell you what I see the most demand for: Three bedroom, two and a half bath single family home, with a pool. And it should be new, or almost new – say from 2012. And it should …

Ten Important things – well sort of- you be the judge!

Ten Things I say often and hardly anyone listens to:   1.            Focus.        On the task at hand, the ball, the next step. Narrow your territory, your efforts, your to do list. 2.            It’s only called work if you would rather be doing something else.     If you spend too much …

The Empty Shelf Syndrome

The Empty Shelf Syndrome. Walmart doesn’t sell from empty shelves and neither does Florida. There are five reasons the real estate market is out of whack in Florida. Take a look at these two pictures, and tell me, where would you rather shop? For full story click here.

Pieces of Good News We Can be Happy About

  Pieces of Good News We Can be Happy About      Interest Rates are low. While rates have climbed above 4%, money is still cheap Payments on a $300,000. 30 year note are just over $1500/month.  (Figure your own payment here)     Credit is Loosening     http://www.mbaa.org/ResearchandForecasts/MCAI.htm   …

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