gregg-fous-retirement-blogGregg Fous is the founder Market America and Investments, Inc. and and has been active as a developer, asset manager, and investor in real estate since 1976.  Born in 1953 in Bergen County, New Jersey, Fous left New Jersey after graduating with honors from an accelerated program at Rider University with a major in accounting and marketing. He settled in Fort Myers in 1992.   There he built Brixton Development, a developer of condominiums.  Fous sold Brixton in 2005 at the peak of the market and concentrated real estate marketing and investing.

Fous is the author of “How to Buy Your First Retirement Home”, and is anexperienced entrepreneur and  real estate advisor and retirement speaker and writes a weekly blog at Married 18 years to Gail, Fous has three children and five grandchildren all in Fort Myers.