The toy industry finally got it. Successful real estate short sale operators get it. The luxury car industry improved on it.  Now I think I got it; The tight package.

My kids are now over thirty. When they were getting battery operated toys for Christmas, we had to make sure we had a stash of batteries – all the right size – by Christmas morning because batteries were “not included”.  On my first car the radio was an optional extra, but  Mercedes today come with everything you will ever need including a neat plastic wrapped tool kit in the trunk.  At Market America Realty Group we will not present short sale paperwork to the bank unless everything is tied up in a tight package –organized, collated, and stapled, with no room for  any more paperwork  or unanswered questions.    But I would like to talk about a different kind of “tight package”.

I want to be the “Everything’s Included” vendor to the individual  real estate investor.  You see, we have begun marketing to foreign nationals though seminars and real estate shows in Canada, Asia, Latin America, and Europe. (I wrote about this a few weeks ago (ARTICLE HERE)). Bottom line is that there is an appetite by foreign nationals to capitalize on our historically low real estate prices. For most of these buyers this is an asset play; they are buying because they believe not only are prices as low as one tenth  the price per square foot of their local market prices, they also see rampant inflation on the horizon. They want to own stuff, not cash.

There are different classes of buyers that we are seeing in foreigners.  At one end of the spectrum there is the status buyer that wears his high end real estate like jewelry. These buyers want the penthouse or the waterfront home to add to their collection of vacation “second homes”.  At the other end is the practical buyer that may never visit his property but wants a piece of the US real estate market as a hedge against inflation, a safe harbor for some cash, and he  wants an annual rental occupying his investment. Somewhere in the middle is the buyer that likes the asset play but feels that he or his children will use the home some day, perhaps to go to university, or he may use it at a retirement home. This buyer is more apt to furnish and decorate his home and rent it seasonally.

But you know what they all need?  They need the full package from intelligent selection of the location, finding the right property, financing it, an accountant for the tax questions, a lawyer for the legal work, perhaps immigration questions answered,  answers about HOA fees, how to furnish and decorate it, insurance, upkeep, perhaps immigration advice, help in selecting a tenant  and of course property management. They need a tight package.

I am seeing this trend all over the condo market; developers renting out their condos and THEN selling them.  Of course I would not be talking about this is I was not already acting on it.  Our new property management division (click here) uses state of the art software and infrastructure to provide automated reporting  and user sign-on. We do monthly inspections and pictures, provide access to account and legal professionals and in effect offer the tight package  the buyers area looking for. We work with decorators, inspectors, appraisers, CPA’s and banks.

I have always believed that real estate was about the customer, not the property. I believe to succeed in this business it is important to work for the long term. The processes we implemented for property management are no exception, it is critical that our systems are transparent and simple so as to foster trust and reliability. No fluff, just good honest over the top service.  The user password and sign on help us greatly in this regard. Our owners can sign on to their accounts and see escrow balances, vacancy reports, and pics.  For a sample owner sign on click here.

As best we can we are out to provide the “batteries included” version of investment home ownership and we would love to be of service to you. Please let us know how we can help you.

( By the way we now have a large inventory of waterfront condos at OASIS in Fort Myers – pet friendly, by the way.)


Gregg Fous 800-439-1580 x52


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